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Aug 15, 1995 05:08 PM

Hi everyone,

With the recent abortion discussion, I feel rather like the
devil's advocate.

While I am opposed to abortion, have always been opposed to
abortion, and have never been party to an abortion, I formed this
opinion long before I was introduced to theosophy. Actually, I
see the folowing logical argument arising from theosophical

Krishna tells Arjuna that each individual should fulfill their
dharma to the best of their ability. This includes the warrier,
who is to kill... Every monad has to progress through a process
of learning through experience.

Apparently, this includes reaping the consequences of their acts
- karma.

There are no coincidences in our world of illusion.

Following this chain of ideas, it is easy to take the next step,
and say, therefore: There are individual monads that must reap
the harvest of incarnation in a fetus that is about to be
aborted, and that their interlude in the between is necessary for
their further progression. Likewise, it is easy to conclude that
we must all be abortionists at some point in our journey.

I had not seen the HPB material before, but, on first reading, I
did not think it was the most powerful HPB I've read.

If we are to understand truth, we must identify the flaws in this
logic, or in the logic that says abortion is wrong in the eyes of
creation and The Creator. In my opinion, abortion is wrong in
the eyes of this mere mortal, in spite of this argument...

Thoughts and comments please.

Love and light. Fred

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