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Aug 14, 1995 05:58 PM

Haven't read all posts, since this is my first day back on

I agree with Nick that everyone needs to consider their own
Karma, & conduct their own affairs to the best of their knowledge
& conscience. What good is it to bring an unwanted child into
the world, and then cripple it mentally and/or physically? Also,
Ann mentions several outside obstacles women must live under when
they become pregnant, besides the inside one of carrying the
foetus around for 9 months ... which is mostly fun, but can
become a burden at the end, or before, if complications develop.
Ann you say especially that the bearing & caring for children
doesn't bring in any income, & is therefore often not valued.
That's a factor I'd not thought about. At least in this day &
age women don't die in child birth that often anymore. Maybe
we've advanced a little, but as you point out, there's still an
onus on birthing a child. What a ridiculously uncivilized state
that is. Of all the satisfying things I've done with my life,
raising my kids was the most ... and when my youngest, Bob was
born, I even had a peak experience ... I understand this happens
often at such a time. I wouldn't trade that, or him, for any
amount of money. It's all worth so much more. After Dave, my
oldest, was born, the doctor had told me not to have any more
children, but, since I love little kids, when we found out Bob
was on his way, I wasn't even thinking of getting an abortion.
My husband wasn't either. We were just glad there was to be
another baby. But if I didn't love little kids, Bob would have
been a burden, & I might have considered an abortiion. I did
wonder a little what made the MD advise me against having another
child, I was a little fearful, but an abortion never crossed my
mind, Anyway the whole pregnancy went very smoothly. At the end,
I looked like a blimp, & Bobby came out all curly haired & pink

Well, who should win, the future mother or the incoming baby?
Whose life is more sacred & more precious? It took the mother 20+
years, lots of effort & educating to evolve to where she is.
Does she sacrifice all that to enable the child? Some will say
"yes", & that will be right for them. Some will say "no", and
that will be right for them. I think it's an individual thing.
One is responsible for one's own Karma, & no one else can exactly
fit into one's shoes.


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