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Re: Constitution Advocates Pluralism not Exclusivity

Aug 07, 1995 01:10 PM
by John Mead

> Regarding you graph, I am uncomfortable with this only because
it seems to polarize the positions. I agree with some political
commentators that there is too much polarization going on. I
know that polarization is part of the healthy division of a cell,
but I question is value in such an advanced organism as our world
has become. Aren't there better models in nature for growth?

I knew someone was bound to grump about that! :-)

I actually use it keep things in perspective. However, most
people I've shown it to ask me what good it is. That can be a
tough question.

What might be interesting, would be to develop a short "religion"
quiz. After people score their answer they could see where they
fall. It might help people to rethink their position?? The
Libertarians had a political quiz and chart which was pretty
popular. Did you see that one? This is a similar idea.

peace -

john mead

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