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Re: Let there be Light

Aug 07, 1995 08:14 AM
by Lewis Lucas

Keith wrote:

> But I was a little disappointed in that no one takes seriously
the possiblility that light and life and consciousness and spirit
are, if not identical, then closely related.

> ... the issue is that life can be incoded, implicated,
involuted and later decoded, explicated, evolved.

> Why is it so hard to believe that - in the beginning was the
Word, as the Word was with God, and the Word was God and He said
Let there be LIght etc (no, this is not an appeal to
fundamentalism, trust me :) )??? The Word is the divine plan or
program for the cosmic computer. Light is the container,
processor and transmitter of this code.

> In fact, I just remember a fascinating book by the inventor of
the helicopter who later devoted his life to an attempt to
reconcile science with esoteric type teachings. He gave light an
exalted place, and I am probably trying to paraphrase some of
this ideas, or reframe them in my own way. > So we are all
familiar with the vauge and somewhat cornball terms "vibrations
on other planes", but vibrations are just on and off signals or
waves and planes are just types of manifestations - physical,
mental and spiritual. Of course on and off particles are not
waves, but light has the curious property (at least in current
understanding) of being both.

> Light in extenstion. Hmmm! Lux Aeterna. Double Hmmmm!

> I cannot see why Light could not carry the information for life
itself anywhere in the universe. It may already do just this.

I vaguely recall reading somewhere, I think it was in HPB's Key
to Theosophy, that light does not travel! Does anyone else know
of this assertion? I have often wondered what ramifications such
an assertion would have on modern astronomy were it true. Aren't
all distances calculated on the assumption light travels and at a
certain speed?

Another question: So what, Keith, if you are right. What impact
does that have of the meaning and purpose of life? How does that
change our behavior, our motives for doing? I guess I don't see
where you are going with this.


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