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Re: The Dalai Lama on Peace: Eco-Freedom

Aug 03, 1995 06:53 PM

>All his ideals
>are wonderful, but I would prefer a theos-l discussion on the
>immediately practical part. How do we disarm ourselves
>psychologically? Is it a safe and wise thing to do? He
>says we should, but the whole attack/defend fight/flight cycle
>is hardwired into us by eons of evolution. Of course Theosophy
>tells us that we also have the means to transform it, which is
>equally a product of evolution.

Ok, glad this came up, so here we go...this text is from various
articles and posts about the evolution of freedom and the
solutions to our social, environmental and economic problems. A
practical plan for solution via the principles of freedom and
right relationships among people has been suggested. Peace,

Economics and Freedom: A Civilized World

It is only in economic freedom (which we do not have at present)
that people evolve natural environment-friendly self-sustaining
eco-economic systems. In the spirit of the world working for
100% of humanity (see the writings of R. Buckminster Fuller) in
a sustainable way and as rapidly as possible:

(This text is an article that was written for conventional
economists and has been sent to numerous media outlets and
various e-lists. This article was written with the idea that a
very specific societal change -- the restoration of economic
freedom by no longer requiring people to use money (by
eliminating personal taxation in the U.S.A.) [thus eliminating a
certain type of power base] -- would establish the best
possibilities for a civilized world. To quote: "All right and
sustainable societal change can be brought about by
'moralsuasion' and a good character based economic life." and "If
personal taxes are eliminated then people set up a natural, more
efficient and more truly profitable barter system which has at
its center good character and personal trust." and "This type of
civilization evolves locally self-sustaining inter-networked
human eco-systems with naturally balanced resource distribution
systems -- i.e., the planet naturally works for 100% of

Ecology and economics -- the two can be one, in a healthy economy
there is zero negative environmental impact -- its all positive
as human beings are a freely working part of nature.

[... on the proper role of government: as government is the only
human institution which is vested with coercive power then its
only legitimate role is to prevent coercion among people (like
stopping criminals), i.e., to guarantee freedom and unalienable
rights (as in deterring dictators). Government
coercion/manipulation in any area of society always (at best)
slows down natural healthy societal evolution and (at worst)
stifles this evolution (leading to the people making significant
adjustments in the government as the evolutionary lesson that
society inevitable learns is that only freedom is sustainable).
The use of government coercion to manipulate societal flow never
works for the best possibilities. All right and sustainable
societal change can be brought about by "moralsuasion" and a good
character based economic life.].

Property taxes, income taxes, inheritance taxes etc. are all
wrong because, as they are done today, they require people to
have money simply to exercise the basic rights of living [as well
as being unequal and manipulative].

All on-going significant social problems in all nations, from
unemployment and racism to crime and starvation, are a functional
result of a global money finance based economy which actually
keeps itself going through a societal structure of coercive
personal taxation. ... Indeed, if our global economic system is
to have longevity and our civilization is to be healed from its
wounds then personal taxation must be phased out (in the U.S.A.
this would entail the repeal of the sixteenth amendment). Doing
this today would help pave the way for a new more reality based
society and, over a short couple of decades, would result in long
term stable international trade systems, a gradual social and
economic improvement for all nations and the practical
manifestation of the four freedoms as given by F.D.R.

... a very simple plan of action, and it works: its called (in
the U.S.A.) repealing the sixteenth amendment, having only even
tariffs (if any), revitalizing the ninth and tenth amendments and
then natural societal evolution will lead to a sustainable
environmental friendly society. For evidence on the true good
nature of most people (which would override the other in a barter
economy) see "The Federalist Papers", DeTocquville's "Democracy
in America" and the American Psychologist 1982 article called
"Psychology Utopia and the Commons." For other info/evidence see
the book "Critical Path" by R.B. Fuller and the book about the
history of taxation called "For Good and Evil" by Adams (cspan
did a booknotes on it). ....some simple freedoms would bring
about the natural evolution of solutions, given how things are
today. ... people will be able to feed themselves if they have
economic freedom and unalienable rights are protected (and this
should be the U.N.'s focused goal -- not capital/resource

The maxim says that we should "render unto ceaser what is
ceaser's and render unto God what is God's." This being so then
we most certainly would have the right to live a normal life on
God's earth in the land where we are born without having to use
any of ceaser's possessions! One of the founding principles of
the United States is that all property (including all money) and
other resources are actually owned by and should be controlled by
the people (not the government nor by any class of aristocrats or
bureaucrats) who should act themselves, in freedom, as God's
stewards -- a revolutionary concept indeed from a historical
perspective but one which, if applied, can guarantee, as much as
is humanly possible today, a healthy society and a civilized

"Those who give up liberty in order to attain security will soon
find that they have neither."

 -- Benjamin Franklin.

"The truth shall set you free."

Patrick Alessandra Jr.
a.Priori / 6524 San Felipe #323 / Houston, TX. 77057 USA

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