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Forthcoming Books

Aug 03, 1995 05:02 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

While searching the OCLC database in order to request Michael
Gomes's bibliography on interlibrary loan, I noticed an entry for
THEOSOPHY: THE WISDOM OF THE AGES by Cherry Gilchrist, due out
from Harper San Francisco in 1996. (People don't realize that
for some reason publishers dump their cataloging records in the
database up to a year before publication-- why I don't know).
This is a major publisher but I'm not familiar with the author's
name. Can anyone identify her or tell us anything about the
forthcoming book?

While on the subject of forthcoming books, I would like to
hereby vote in favor of Dora Kunz publishing her memoirs of
life in the TS. Her AT article was fascinating. I hope TPH is
being inundated with requests to publish.

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