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We can't anagram - what?

Aug 02, 1995 01:40 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

I tried anagrams with the program called "American Heritage
Dictionary" using "Theosophical Society" and got

Clothe icy apotheosis
choose atheistic ploy

are the ones my husband liked.

Do they have to be exact?

I've been trying to decide how to give the children some
religious training. Geoffrey went to a Mommy and Me class at a
synogogue and I really liked the people and the atmosphere there.
My neighbor has been making such a fuss over me and she's
catholic so I'm tempted to try Catholicism and like to tease her
that's she must be trying to convert me.

I found a church where Jewish and non-Jewish attend. It is
called Messianic. They seemed very "joyful," sang songs of
praises, and even danced in front of the altar. I read Galina a
book recently on life in a Zen Buddhist monastery in Japan and
she tried the meditation posture they teach as well as thought
about other details of their lives comparing it with ours.

I think I fit in better with the Jewish population than the
Christian, and perhaps would like to put a list of holidays for
anyone interested here. The Jewish holidays would be fun to
learn and the list of Zen Buddhist holidays is the only other one
that I have for now.

In thinking about perhaps converting to one of these traditions,
I try to prepare for it by reviewing what I have learned in the
past. Reading the KABBALAH and what's in THE SECRET DOCTRINE
regarding the KABBALAH certainly brings to mind a numerological
and secret process involving words. By breaking words down and
studying them, we provide them with an air of esotericism. Many
people say the word holiday and plan their holidays without
remembering simply that the word is derived from "holy day."
Isn't it? Anyway this is what I think it signifies.

Whenever you look behind the "dead letter" it is like opening
doors and our imagination is allowed to spring into action
causing seemingly dead earth and seed to bloom forth. Also the
word Kabbalah doesn't lend itself to any anagrams. It's
completely out in the open already.

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