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Anagram wisdom

Aug 02, 1995 10:00 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

A while back I posted a list of anagrams of "information
superhighway" and gave one for "Theosophical Society." Since
then, I've done a few more and had folks supply others. There
seems to be some kind of occult principle involved with anagrams,
or else my imagination is running wild.

The information superhighway ones included some that expressed
the highest aspect of the internet, like "inspire humanity, who
go far." Others were contemptuous of people's inflated view of
it: "New utopia? Horrifying sham!" and "Waiting for any promise,
huh?" Theosophical Society translates as "hey, cool
sophisticate!" and "too hip scholastic eye" and "pithy ethos,
cool as ice" but at the insulting end as "A psychic? Those, too,

United Lodge of Theosophists= Stodgiest of old punish thee This
reminds me of a letter I once received. The Masters Revealed= A
Severe Star Led Them, which might reflect its portrayal of
political turmoil behind the scenes of a spiritual movement. K.
Paul Johnson= junk shop loan, which someone else might find more
enlightening than I have. Baha'i Faith= Haifa habit.

(Many of these were sent to me and I haven't checked for
accuracy-- no flames please).

I would welcome any suggestions about what occult principles
determine the fact that anagrams so often spell out hidden or
subversive messages that can be astoundingly relevant to the
overt message.

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