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Theo-l rising

Jul 27, 1995 09:11 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Fred writes:

> If you have followed me so far, stretch your imagination a
little further, and imagine that the ray of light is a ray of
coherent, lasar like energy, that carries within it the
information of the univeral holographic master plan, millions and
millions of bits of information, each a monad, each with a part
of the information that leads to the organization we know as

So far, reading this has been the high point of my day.  Like
breath of fresh prana.

I was relieved to see this list back up, as well.  While we
waited for it to be fixed I surfed the Net and crawled the Web.
I never did find anything as intelligent or as stimulating as
good ole theos-l.

I've been lurking on a soap opera news group, but posting is like
going for a college degree.  There are so many rules and regs for
posting, that the brain energy it would take outstrips anything
you could possibly say.  Who belongs to this group? As many men
as women and most are from universities across the country.
There are also members from some major corporations, NASA and
MIT.  Although they are a very witty bunch, the intellectual
stretch is nowhere near the theos list.  When I'm too tired to
think or need a laugh I reach for the soap.

If anyone knows of anything else out there that measures up to
what we got here, I sure would like to hear about it.

- ann

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