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Re: Logos

Jul 07, 1995 09:04 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham


> "The LOGOS is the mirror reflecting Divine Mind, .  .  .  "The
Sun was always called by the Egyptians "the eye of Osiris," and
was himself the Logos, the first-begotten, or light made manifest
to the world, "which is the Mind and divine intellect of the
Concealed." It is only by the sevenfold Ray of this light that we
can become cognizant of the Logos through the Demiurge, regarding
the later as the creator of our planet and everything pertaining
to it, and the former as the guiding Force of that "Creator" -
good and bad at the same time, the origin of good and the origin
of evil."

Thank you for your post and especially the part above.  It truly
broadened my vision on the subject.  I'd posted the mundane
dictionary version in the hope that it might stimulate more
discussion about the Logos.

- ann

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