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Anagram fun

Jul 07, 1995 08:37 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

The current issue of Newsweek lists 10 anagrams of "information
superhighway" rated by some unnamed net denizens as their

1. New utopia? Horrifying sham!
2. Hi-ho! Yow! I'm surfing Arpanet!
3. Waiting for any promise, huh?
4. Inspire humanity, who go far
5. Oh, wormy infuriating phase
6. A rough whimper of insanity
7. When forming, utopia's hairy
8. Oh-oh, wiring snafu: empty air
9. Hey, ignoramus-- win profit? Ha!
10. Enormous, hairy pig with fan

The amazing appropriateness of some of these led me to play with
"Theosophical Society" for five minutes, coming up with "Hey,
cool sophisticate!" Maybe this is/could be our marketing

Baha'is may find #7 particularly relevant to their current
situation.  "Baha'i Faith" is too short to work, but I bet
"National Spiritual Assembly" and "Universal House of Justice"
would produce some interesting results.

Other Theosophical terms worth playing with are "Esoteric
Section," "United Lodge of Theosophists," "Great White
Brotherhood." Any takers?

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