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Jul 04, 1995 01:51 PM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

John Tullis Wrote:

> Just a note of clarification, I would add that I have a baad
habit of using the word perfection and completeness as synonyms.
I do not mean to use the term perfection to imply any moral
system or sense of judgement.  I hope I did not cause you some
confusion in my previous writing.

It is interesting that there is so much controversy caused by
that word "perfection".  The greek the idea is more along the
line of being made complete or mature.  When say in the
Scriptures the words "Be perfect" are used.  The mainstream
tradition picks that up as being morally perfect without flaw or
inerrant whereas the gnostic and esoteric traditions see
completeness as the goal.

I see this , like you do, as the union of opposition.  The only
problem I see with some Jungian formulations of union of
opposites is that often the attempt to have this happen results
in a hidden perfectionism.  In other words there is no sense of
grace or acceptance only fear that we must improve as quickly as
possible.  Moving toward integrity or integration is an
ontological task of character developement not a cheap and quick
technique like many make it.I think the soul has its own timing
for very good reasons.  I appreciated your last post thanks for

Arthur Paul Patterson

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