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Re to Arthur on Tarot

May 30, 1995 03:15 PM
by Jerry Schueler


I can see from your impressive list of book that you are well
versed in Tarot.  I wish that my own library had as many.  I
would only add two to your list, Crowley's Book of Thoth, and
James Wanless' New Age Tarot (which describes the Thoth deck).

I am currently working on a course paper that addresses Jungian
symbolism of the tarot deck.  Cynthia Giles (who is on your list)
suggests that Jungian archetypes are in the major aracana cards.
The symbolism in the minor arcana cards are more like Jung's
'signs' than archetypes.  According to Jung, signs can be
interpreted, while archetypes can never be fully interpreted.

I am currently working on the idea of using Tarot cards during
therapy.  Some Jungian therapists are doing this successfully.
The idea is to give the client three readings: at the beginning,
middle, and end of therapy.  Let the client interpret the symbols
in their own way, and then discuss them just like dream symbols
are discussed in Jungian dream analysis.  Changes in the client's
interpretation of any recurring symbols could indicate the
effectiveness of the therapy.  The assumption here is that a
client will interpret the card symbolisms as they 'fit' with
their current psychological or behavioral problem - the reason
for their visit to the therapist.

Any comments?

Jerry S.

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