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Tereshchenko's Tarot

May 30, 1995 11:05 AM
by Sy Ginsburg

Hi Jerry Schueler and others who are interested,

Nick Tereshchenko is visiting me just now and has discussed with
me his 2 books on Tarot in French, which is the reason for my
query, as I had never heard of the additional major arcana other
than in his books, and with his permission I decided to ask the
Theos-L subscribers if anyone had any confirmation of these
things, through meditation or otherwise.

As he is very knowledgeable on Tarot, I have asked him to
complete this message explaining the basis of his reasoning to
assert that there are additional major arcana.  Incidentally, are
you the Gerald Schueler who is the author of "The Enochian Tarot"
of which I have a copy?

Sy Ginsburg

Now here is Nick's reply:

In the Tree of Life there are 22 traditional paths but also 16
hidden (?forbidden) ones, making 38 in all.  The exoteric Hebrew
alphabet has 22 letters, but this is an "intentional blind".  On
further study you find 5 additional "final" letters and that 7
letters (2 of them with final forms) are "double", that is have
TWO quite distinct different sounds.  Also VAV is used to
represent 3 sounds.  Added together these make 38.  See my
article (in English) in THE HERMETIC JOURNAL and in French in my
book "FRAGMENTS DE GNOSE".  It will appear in "THE COSMOS TAROT"
when published in English.  Also see article by Gary ROSS in
TAROT NETWORK NEWS and my contribution to Newcastle's "NEW

If you wish to write to me directly (I am not on INTERNET) my
address is Nicolas Tereshchenko, 87 rue Vercingetorix, 75014
Paris, FRANCE.

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