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Re: Re to Sy on Tarot

May 30, 1995 08:18 AM
by Arthur Paul Patterson


I teach a course on Tarot called Tarot Traditions where I stress
the importance of the creation of the Inner Tarot through
meditation and study.  Assuming that the images of the tarot are
fundamentally universal archetypes I have no objection to a
expansion or contraction of the images as long as what gets
worked with is living.  I have been sort of irritated by the
reoccurance of a form of literalism that often comes up when
individuals do not hold to their theories as metaphors for growth
and equate the intellectual convolutions for hard "fact".  This
is one of the reason why I remain agnostic concerning the orgins
or the precise esoteric schemata that lie behind the cards.
Personally I tend toward a psychodynamic approach since I am
probably more edept at that form.  Below is a list of the books I
have in my library on Tarot some are beginners stuff but I hope
there are some people who find the list helpful.

In the Spirit of the Tarot Fool,

Arthur Paul Patterson

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