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re: Re: The Inner Life

May 29, 1995 02:52 AM
by Paul Gillingwater

Cleatus Fernandez <> writes:

> a) I thought the so-called dead persons on most cases will
> proceed on to higher planes for further enlightenment and has
> very little communication with man on earth ? It this true and
> how can one reconcile with the above para..

The person will probably move on to devachan within a period of
time between months and many years, according to various factors
which I don't even partially understand.  In some cases, the
shell is left behind, but for most people this rapidly breaks up
into its components at that level.  After this time,
communication "through the veil" becomes very difficult indeed.

> b)How is that when we are at sleep, we can communicate with the
> oved ones as we do in the physical plane and yet not able to
> retrace a single venet after that ?

It is possible that Leadbeater experienced a lucid dream state in
which he believed that he was in contact with deceased persons.
It's actually a product of the seer's mind, but may appear to be
a full and meaningful dialogue with those who have gone beyond.
I have no evidence for this theory.

> c) Can someone tell me how can I develop the faculty to recall
> the impressions of most incidents during sleep...? And how can we
> will ourselves if we so desire to communicate with the loved
> ones...?

Start by developing the technique of lucid dreaming.  See books
by Stephen LaBerge.  Communicating with loved ones can occur in a
lucid dream, and is emotionally as satisfying, although no new
information will be exchanged, since you're really dealing with
your projection of that person as expressed in your deepest

Most of what we consider the `person' (or mask) is gone very
quickly after death.  Even memories are given up (although still
accessible through a kind of sympathetic vibration from the
Astral Light), and Being (or Be-ness) abides.

I might recommend trying to go beyond the images or memories one
has of a loved one, trying to contact the divine centre or
Silence within where we are all one, and work outwards, rather
than looking for something that might be recognised as the last

Hope this helps,
Paul Gillingwater

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