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re: Re: The Inner Life

May 28, 1995 06:31 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> HI......
> I just re-read the book by Charles W.  Laedbeater after a long
> period...  This second reading tinkers me for some pausible
> explanation on the paragragh I was reading.....And I sincerely
> hope I can get/derive some healthy discussion from it....
> It is on page 137 - The Fear of Death (From the book The Inner
> Life).."The so-called loss of a loved one by death is really only
> a temporary absence, and not even that as soon as a man develops
> the power to see on the higher planes..........ansd as soon as we
> leave the physical vehicle in sleep we are with them and can
> communicate with them exactly as when they were on the physical
> plane.."
> The queries I hv are as follows :
> a) I thought the so-called dead persons on most cases will
> proceed on to higher planes for further enlightenment and has
> very little communication with man on earth ? It this true and
> how can one reconcile with the above para..

This is true and does _not_ reconcile with the above, except when
the circumstance concerns someone who has _recently_ moved on.

This is certainly my experience over many years, as well as that
of others I have worked with.  Leadbeater seems to have had a
desire to impress people with his self-perceived knowledge of
things, and, I suspect, moved the facts around a bit sometimes to
suit his purpose and appear more important, IMHO.  No doubt his
clairvoyant abilities worked for him just as he described them,
but I believe he was mistaken is supposing that his _personal_
experiences were valid for everyone else.

His _Science of the Sacraments_ is a good example of this.
Having exercised the priestly ministry and observed the subtle
levels at work during the sacraments of the Xtian church, I have
seen a quite different picture from his which is probably valid
only for me.

As awareness of the subtler planes develops (if it does) then one
can, I have found, contact the departed occasionally in the
waking state, which is much clearer than in the dream world(s).


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