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re: Re: The Inner Life

May 27, 1995 10:08 PM
by Cleatus Fernandez


I just re-read the book by Charles W.  Laedbeater after a long
period...  This second reading tinkers me for some pausible
explanation on the paragragh I was reading.....And I sincerely
hope I can get/derive some healthy discussion from it....

It is on page 137 - The Fear of Death (From the book The Inner
Life).."The so-called loss of a loved one by death is really only
a temporary absence, and not even that as soon as a man develops
the power to see on the higher planes..........ansd as soon as we
leave the physical vehicle in sleep we are with them and can
communicate with them exactly as when they were on the physical

The queries I hv are as follows :

a) I thought the so-called dead persons on most cases will
proceed on to higher planes for further enlightenment and has
very little communication with man on earth ? It this true and
how can one reconcile with the above para..

b)How is that when we are at sleep, we can communicate with the
oved ones as we do in the physical plane and yet not able to
retrace a single venet after that ?

c) Can someone tell me how can I develop the faculty to recall
the impressions of most incidents during sleep...? And how can we
will ourselves if we so desire to communicate with the loved

d) Finally, can anyone give me guide to where I can find the book
called "The divine art of Meditations" By (I don't really know
the author) Ant help on these areas (Meditations) books, on-line
articles, usergroups etc...willne appreciated ?

Thanking you in advance.....and cheers.....

So MOte It Be.....
Cleatus Fernandez (

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