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Re: Goddesses Only

May 27, 1995 11:37 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your stories about the Moon Goddess
with us.  I'd never heard anything like that and really enjoyed

Last night I saw a play at the Goodman Theater in Chicago in
which Kwan Yin (one of my all-time favorite goddesses) had an
important part in the story.  Throughout the entire play she was
inspiring a group of Buddhists monks on their pilgrimage to the
Western heaven.  The actress, in full Chinese dress, would
frequently stand behind one of the pilgrims and say something
about what they should do next.  The pilgrim/actor would repeat
it right after her or they would say the lines together.  This
gave me the impression that Kwan Yin was being protrayed as the
spirit of the feminine divine that comes as intutional thought.

They play was taken from an English translation of 16th century
Chinese Buddhist texts.  The translator is a professor at the
University of Chicago and it took him 13 years to do the

- ann

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