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Re: Added Dimensions/Densities

May 26, 1995 06:45 PM
by LieselFD

Hi, Sy

Re the various bodies, which Harry called "fields", having always
one more dimension, I can fax you a chart he has in his book
"Inner Peace through The Process of Knowing, Essays in
Metapsychology", but I think the writing explains more than the
chart does.  Leafing through it, I'm thinking that several
sections of the slender book might interest your "Esoteric
Science" class.  Harry was an engineer & an osteopath as well as
a shaman.  I own an extra copy of his book.  I could mail it
down, if you & your people would like to look at it.

I'm just at random looking at a page, and note that some of what
I didn't understand too well before, is beginning to make sense.
Here's a piece of it:

"One sees life, as demonstrated by physics, that there is
constant expansion & contraction.  This is due to the relativity
of the developed and undeveloped potentials of functions within
our consciousness.  Consequently, one sees a great many
perversions called "disease", "neuroses", or "psychoses".  The
theory of relativity applies to all phenomena, whether material
or non-material; that which applies to science is often true in
psychology.  Manifestations are the result of unbalances.
Absence of manifestation leads to cessation or collapse,
temporarily, of the process of evolution.  If there were no
unbalances present in the human consciousness, then there would
be no need for manifestation in the objective sense.

"In the case of death, one can postulate that there is temporary
suspension of manifestation by the law of entropy.  The
consciousness ceases to function through the physical and later
the psychic media.  But as unbalances continue, sooner or later
manifestation must occur again in space/time.  ..."

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