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Re:re: posts for posterity

May 23, 1995 08:37 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham


My big project is a fiction work about illusion.  It's set in
this time frame with an emphasis on fantasy and characters in the

Underlying it all is the theme of spirit coming into matter,
becoming bogged down by it, learning from it and emerging with
knowledge.  Spirit is embodied as a woman who becomes enamored
with her own celibrity status, which proves to be her downfall.

It has taken me years to learn to write and I'm still learning,
along with finding a style.  I read somewhere "that you'll know
you are a writer when you'll feel you will die if you don't tell
your story." I would say that sums up this project for me.

I also have written some straight reporting stuff for a Liberal
Catholic newsletter, but that isn't anywhere as difficult as
writing fiction.

- ann

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