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Re: Researching Mother Goddesses

May 23, 1995 08:56 AM
by Naftaly Ramramkar

Hi There

In Theosophy the Mother Goddess is known as World Mother.  It is
along the angelic line of evolution.

You will find lot of references to this in Blavatsky's books and
Beasant-Leadbeater's writings.  Esoteriv writing of Swami Subba
Row has a chapter on this issue.

Also lot of refrences in Geoffry Hodson's Writings including
Kingdom of the Gods.

Have fun


> 5/20/95
> Does anyone have any recommendations for good books, movies,
> magazines or whatever dealing with the Mother Goddesses.  I'm
> interested in exploring as many dimensions as possible --
> religious, archetypal, psychological, mythological, magical,
> historical etc.
> I'll start with HPB and branch out from there.  Any suggestions?
> Nancy Coker
> P O Box C
> Pasadena  CA 91001
> 818 798 1070

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