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Re: Bk of Dyzan/Lovecraft followup(fwd)

Feb 19, 1995 02:55 AM
by John Mead

> > In a later letter he mentions the information Price sent him,
> > which indicates that the Book of Dzyan was brought to earth by
> > the Lords of Venus and is kept at the city of Shamballah.
> >
> The information seems to be pretty much Blavatsky-inspired, but
> there are some parts which I still can't find.
> Dear Daniel,
> This sounds much more like CW Leadbeater or Alice Bailey
> "inspired." Check out their corpus.
> Nicholas

Nicholas -

daniel claims that he has not received any replies to his query
yet.  where did you get a thread from this?

peace -

john mead

p.s.  daniel does not subscribe to the list (theos-l).  I will
need to forward the messages, or you need to send them direct.

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