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Creating FAQs

Feb 17, 1995 11:09 AM
by Lewis Lucas


    I have been discussing with John Algeo the idea of offering
    the Dept.  of Ed's correspondence courses on the Interent.
    He suggested I start by creating a FAQ.  Not having ever
    created one I am not sure how to do that and thought you
    could probably help.

    I had suggested it to him first, thinking the file would
    provide inquirers with basic info on the courses offered and
    how to get started.  His reply seem to indicate he thought I
    was talking about a FAQ which would help users navigate the
    Internet connections.

    He said the courses would need to be updated and procedures
    would need to be worked out as to how students and advisors
    would interact with HQ and that he didn't have time for all
    that right now.  However, he suggested we could continue to
    work on it from this end.

    Are you interested? I don't know that there is a lot we could
    do.  I asked him if HQ had a page scanner and suggested they
    could scan in the lessons as separate files which could then
    be given to students as they progressed.  Any ideas?


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