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Re: An Attack (?) on H.P. Blavatsky & Theosophy

Feb 16, 1995 10:37 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello all.

On Wed, 15 Feb 1995, K. Paul Johnson wrote:

> I have already replied.  My beef was with the characterization
> of the Masters as "incorporeal beings derived from the novels
> of Edward Bulwer Lytton."
> SUGGESTION:  Don't attack the reviewer, and don't attack the
> book until you have read it.  Letters that are well informed
> are more likely to get printed.

I have not yet seen this issue of the Newsweek, but I agree with
Paul.  Somebody told me once, that if you follow the Christ's
Mountain Preach, you really are a Theosophist.  Originally this
was said by H.P.B.  There Christ gives an advice;

   "Do not resist evil"

One of the reasons is, that if you resist evil, it will only
grow, and get more power.  The only final way to end evil is to
response it with goodness.

If this article is so infantile as it seems by e-mailings, it
will be put to its right value by every sensible being.

aki korhonen.
Oulu, Finland.

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