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An Attack (?) on H.P. Blavatsky & Theosophy

Feb 15, 1995 02:00 PM

Message by Daniel H. Caldwell

In the latest issue of NEWSWEEK (February 20, 1995), p.  66,
there is a half-page review of Peter Washinton's MADAME
BLAVATSKY'S BABOON.  The review is accompanied by a photograph of
Madame Blavatsky and Henry Olcott.  The reviewer, David Gates,
mentions "the glorious comedy" of HPB's career and describes the
Great White Brotherhood of Masters as "an incorporeal pantheon
rooted in the fantasy novels of Edward Bulwer Lytton.  Theosophy
is described as "a vague blend of occultism and Eastern
religion." The reviewer writes that "directly or indirectly,
Blavatsky inspired generations of career gurus." Also Gates
writes: "...when her fakery was exposed she would 'fess up `with
a wink and a chuckle.' As Washington says, `she didn't give a
hoot for anyone or anything."

Charles Leadbeater (though not mentioned by name) is described as
a "pederastic Blavatskyite " who "spotted 14-year-old Jiddu
Krishnamurti on a beach in India" in 1909.  James Wedgewood is
described in the following way: "A `Bishop' in one Theosophist
sect smuggled cocaine in his crozier; caught cruising men's
rooms, he told cops he was looking for a friend from a previous

What a way for HPB and Theosophy to be advertised to the American
public! Get your copy of Newsweek today!

I hope some readers of this message will take to the defense of
HPB and Theosophy.

Please pass this message on to all Theosophical Societies and
groups.  Those of you reading this in England, Europe, India,
Australia and elsewhere please notify various Theosophical

Andrew Rook, please notify John Cooper.  Thanks.

Daniel H. Caldwell
Wed., Feb. 15,1995  2:55 pm Mountain S.T., Tucson, AZ, USA

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