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Re: RE: Karma, causality etc.

Feb 12, 1995 06:00 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

Thanks, Bill, for the definitions of synchronicity.  When all
else fails, read the definition!

To AB; I imagine Jung wanting to keep away from reliance on
dogmas too - part of being the good scientist.  Scientists don't
alway manage to avoid dogmatism in their personal or even
professional beliefs, though!

Karma and reincarnation do not, of course, have to be taken as
dogmas.  Theosophists try to study them, intuit them, and even
run their lives by them - and don't always manage to avoid
dogmatism either!

Karma doesn't need the scope of reincarnation, as it can be seen
in purely physical processes.  After all, its original meaning in
Sanscrit is action.  For example, the emergence of a bullet from
a gun is a karmic consequence of the energy stored in the powder,
plus a triggering factor.

> the "connecting principle" is *demonstrable* regardless of
> individual belief.

I would hope so, yet Jung's definitions of synchronicity stay
safely with terms like "simultaneous occurrence"; refraining from
inferring causality.

I'm trying to say that events and experiences that are acausal
with regard to the physical, may yet have a higher or subtler
form of causality behind them.  And this with full acceptance of
the presence of disordering or chaotic processes as well.


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