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Re: Karma, causality etc.

Feb 11, 1995 03:38 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

The title of Jung's book, so far as I recall, is "Synchronicity,
an acausal connecting principle."

It would be helpful perhaps if someone could upload Jung's own
definition as given in his book, by way of a citation.  I would
do this, but I parted with my copy some years ago.

The important aspect of this idea is, I suspect, that as a
scientist of sorts, Jung would want to approach the *evidence*
which he presents in the book without having to take on board any
dogma(s) such as Karma or reincarnation; ie., the "connecting
principle" is *demonstrable* regardless of individual belief.

I, for example, do not accept standard theosophical given ideas
concerning reincarnation (I do not rule it out under some
circumstances) but I *can* relate to Jung's approach.

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