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Re: archives

Feb 07, 1995 07:35 AM
by Olcott Library

Response from Elisabeth Trumpler

On Tue, 7 Feb 1995, Jerry Hejka-Ekins wrote:

>      Here, Elisabeth is not clear whether she is talking about
> the de Zirkoff archives, the American Section Archives, or both.
> My understanding is that the de Zirkoff archives were donated to
> the Wheaton Society under the proviso that they be open to anyone
> who is doing research on HPB.  If Elisabeth is talking about the
> de Zirkoff archives, I'm glad that the policy has changed so that
> they are now open to "any serious researcher."

>      Perhaps
> Elisabeth will clarify for us the status of the American Section
> Archives as to whether or not they are also open to "serious
> researchers", and what constitutes a "serious researcher."

ET: I do not know what the archives policies were under previous
administrations.  I am the Librarian at Olcott and not the
Archivist.  The Boris de Zirkoff Collection is located in the
Archives Room.  Access to the Archives Room requires written
permission of the President-- regardless of whether it's access
to archival materials or to the de Zirkoff Collection.  Olcott
staff members must follow the same procedure.  I do not have the
authority to answer further questions on the TSA Archives.  My
previous statements were intentionally kept rather general, based
on my previous experience in academic libraries and my current
responsibility as Olcott Librarian.

Any questions regarding access to the Archives Room at Olcott
should be directed to the personal attention of Dr.  John Algeo.

I feel that with this I have clarified as much as I can, now I
would like to get back to my own work, which currently involves
the computerization of the Olcott Library, a project which I am
sure everyone on this list is very much interested in getting
completed rather sooner than later.  Please understand if I do
not participate in any more discussions on the Board.

-- Elisabeth

PS.  Requests for library materials and research should be sent
directly to:

We handle them as quickly as we can.

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