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Re: Nothing more than feelings.

Feb 06, 1995 07:33 PM
by LieselFD

Dear Keith,

I haven't been following what's been going on on the Theos-l net
lately.  I had another phase of my life to attend to.  Were you
talking tongue in cheek, when you pictured Theosophy as only a
thought process? Must be, because you also mention that the
Theosophists you've come into contact with were, "friendly,
concerned & compassionate" all of which have elements of feeling.
When I did Basic Theosophy, I learned that the astral & the
mentals function together a lot, & I personally can't imagine
thinking without any feeling.  To me, that's very cold, dead.  I
think one complements the other, that they go hand in glove.

It also seems to me that Mme.  Blavatsky didn't write for us to
understand "exactly" what she wrote.  I always thought that her
writings were to learn, to play with, to imagine into, to intuit.
Your vision of Theosophy isn't necessarily the same as your
neighbor's.  It wasn't meant to be.  What HPB wrote, & others
after her, needs to be reinterpreted by every individual who
tries to study it.  No 2 people will see it exactly alike.

Art & psychology do fit into Theosophy.  There was Nicholas
Roerich, among other artists, & Assagioli, a Theosophist -
psychiatrist, a pupil of Freud.  We have a whole system of self
improvement, which is based on our brand of psychology.  You were
kidding, weren't you?



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