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Re: Nothing more than feelings.

Feb 06, 1995 04:46 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <950206210337_74024.3352_BHT92-1@CompuServe.COM> Keith
Price writes and quotes:

> So what good are feelings? Without feelings, instincts and
attachments we would probaly not bother to live or study
theosophy, although the goal seems to be to gid rid of them?
Feelings, some might say, come largely from the astral plane and
therfore are ipso facto to be mistrusted.  How can you tell a
feeling (astral) from a high intution (buddhic) or a necessity
(atmic)? There seems a common theme in many related posts
recently that everything relates to its own level that is math to
math, but not math to spirituality, in the sense that the
uncertainty principle says nothing to us about universal laws on
other levels or about Eastern mysticism.

Amen.  Dunno that I support the idea that math does not relate to
spirituality, though.  In my own study and work I am always
careful to try to distinguish between feelings on the one hand
and feeling on the other.  By which terms I mean:

1.  Feelings; passing impressions (in our astral depts if you
like) which center more or less exclusively around "I like it, or
I don't like it" and

2.  Feeling; lasting *emotion* - such as love.  Feeling is thus,
in life, a constant, whereas feelings (1.) come and go.  "Love,"
wrote Shakespeare, "is not love which alters when it alteration

Having said that we cannot do without *either* of these - except
perhaps in the dizzy heights of a post-mortem devachanic

> > The grand picture seems to be one of Spirit tearning itself
down (falling) and enfolding itself in matter (itself again) so
as to build itself back up (evolution or even a kind of
salvation?) so as to become conscious and conscious of itself.
Whew! And then to return to the Unconscious/Unmanifest and do it
all again.

You mean, like, God is about disappearing up her own fundament?
And *we* are picking up the bill? Funny kind of divine wisdom if
you ask me - but then maybe you don't (ask me).  :-)

PS.  I love you all.

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