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Re: Alexandra West

Feb 01, 1995 02:23 PM
by Paul Gillingwater

Olcott Library <> writes:

> Anyone who has been to the British Museum Library to see the original
> Mahatma Letters can tell you that this is quite an undertaking.
> This is

I went there with my wife, and we were granted immediate access
without any formalities or identification.  They didn't seem to
keep a close eye on us, but did request us to wear gloves, and of
course we treated the documents with respect.  It's certainly
worth anyone doing--the letters have a tremendous aura of

I have also visited Adyar, and have seen the archives.  As far as
I can tell, they don't deny access to serious students and
researchers.  Even non-members such as John Cooper are welcome,
but people should have some idea what they're looking for so as
not to waste time.  The caveats you made regarding the care of
materials applies especially at Adyar, due to the climate and the
paper used in the early part of this century.  They have a
laminating machine, but when I was there no-one knew how to
operate it.

Paul Gillingwater

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