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Jan 30, 1995 05:13 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <950130205836_74024.3352_BHT22-2@CompuServe.COM> writes:

> The Kabala seems (IMVERYHO) to be an attempt to map the hidden
> occult side and that if you know enough about the paths, and
> sephiroths (unsure of spelling), the attributions etc.  you can
> navigate into this hidden side.  It is yet another vocabulary.
> What have the Kabalist gained besides a very complex map? What
> has traversing the paths taught you? This is not a bait, but a
> sincere question that the books never get too.  When you get to
> Hod, do you see the god or archetype or power attributed to that
> sephiroth and talk, commune, grok with him, her it?
> Namaste
> Keith Price

Sephiroth is plural of Sephira.  The Secret Doctrine map makes
mine look like a rough sketch, but it ain't.

Kabbalists gain nothing from their map unless they try to go to
the places on it.  Not too far away from where I live is a
village called Knempnet Thrubwell or something very like it.  I
have no idea how it got its name, but I don't argue about it, and
I can go see what it's like for myself.  And it takes time and
effort to get there.

This is *not* meant to be a silly answer to your question:-

When you get to Hod you understand more than you did before you
got there.  Living in England, we have stereotyped images of many
places in the USA, mainly from movies.  You can imagine what I
thought Chicago was like! When I actually got to go there, the
first thing I was taken with was Lake Michigan ...

The first thing I was taken *to* was Chicago PD (my host was an
ex-cop).  Such _nice_ people!

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