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Jan 30, 1995 01:18 PM
by Keith Price

To Eldon and Jerry: I think we are all talking about much the
same thing, but in different "vocabularies", semantic or logical

I can't compete with Eldon on the mathematical side.  I would
like to know more about fractals.  They seem to infold very
complex patterns in nature like the shape of a lacey leaf in very
simple mathematical type equations.  But where are the equations
encoded, infolded and how do they unfold? Is it encoded in the
DNA, morphogenic fields, the akashic records, God's hand?

Also Eldon I hear echoes (bad pun) of communication theory.  Yeah
I borrowed that also to show how art links consciousness.  The
artistic product or just communication in general links
consciousnesses through a physical channel.  The artist encodes
the art in form, the artistic product stores and transmits the
elements (bits) of consciousness in the art and the viewer,
reader etc.  decodes back into his/her mind.

Jerry talks about Fohat as linking (my word) syzygies.  For me
art links consciousness.  I almost want to make Fohat into Art
(with a capital A), maybe that's confusing the issue into making
art everything or nothing at all.  But if you could run the
universe backwards, as the physicists do to reunify gravity, the
weak force, the strong force and electro-motive force, then
everything sort of return to some primal unified force.

What we all seem to talking about is invoution on the subjective,
hidden "occult" side, and evolution on the form, manifest.
natural side.  Involution and evolution are two sides to the coin
called transformation.

The Kabala seems (IMVERYHO) to be an attempt to map the hidden
occult side and that if you know enough about the paths, and
sephiroths (unsure of spelling), the attributions etc.  you can
navigate into this hidden side.  It is yet another vocabulary.
What have the Kabalist gained besides a very complex map? What
has traversing the paths taught you? This is not a bait, but a
sincere question that the books never get too.  When you get to
Hod, do you see the god or archetype or power attributed to that
sephiroth and talk, commune, grok with him, her it?

The complex (to me) mathematics Eldon is using to talk about
evolution and transformation is the most accepted "hard" science
attempt at a GUT, a grand unified theory that would explain it
all.  Einstein really wanted to do this.  Maybe we will live to
see it, but I couldn't read it.  Eldon might have to explain the
upcoming equations.  <grin>:) But these hard (in more ways than
one) mathematics are still trying to get to the occult side in a
very modern manner.

So, have I given up on art.  Hardly! But I've been pushing it and
myself a little too hard.

I suggest the following below as a possible formula, not in
stone, but a working hypothesis.  Do we have a symbold for
evolves to, or infolds in, or transforms to.  I thinking more of
a function in the calculus not an equal sign which seems static.
I propose a ^ since that is what I have on my keyboard.

Absolute^Manifest Spirit^Manifest Form^Universal Active Creative
Intelligence^Fohat^7 Planes^Nature^Creative Conciousness in
Man^Creative Activities (including but not limited to physical
work, philosphy, science, religion and art)

Maybe that's one too many ^'s or several too few.

After Enlightenment maybe we become transparent to the grand
unity of every element.  I'm thinking here particuarlly of the
Zen idea of becoming transparent to nature, but in the West this
doesn't seem enough, we seem so restless, so argumentative so
unserene as has been said before.


Keith Price

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