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Jan 28, 1995 07:37 AM
by Nira2U

Jerry --your furball analogy was RIPE! True there are those
Fundamentalists who think everything in the Universe is a sign to
some past or future event --and perhaps they're half right.

With regard to Synchronicitious events --sometimes the most minor
spark can serve to light an entire candle.  How many of you have
tried to make a decision about something --and opened a book to
the EXACT passage that lends clarification to your vexation? Or
turned on the radio and found a tune wafting that bears out
something you'd been pondering? As an example of same: I was
driving in Los Angeles (a karmic challenge in its own right
--even for a Texan) attempting to explain Synchronicity to a
friend in the car with me --who was from Phoenix and apparently
the theory hadn't gotten across the border to her state as yet

I turned on the radio --tuning into to KLOS, catching broadcast
of a DeeJay with whom I share Telepathic Rapport --who obliged
the "lesson" by playing SYNCHRONICITY by my fave Jungian
Disciple/pal STING...

Since I had no carphone --and was some miles from this gent; and
hadn't physically spoken to him in 18 months --how would he have
known at the precise time to lend artistic wallpaper to our

As a pastlife regressionist/channeler I find that The Arts have
an integral role in redeveloping our Spiritual Destinies.  After
all --those now considered Great Masters of Arts, Music --and yes
(dare I give them credit?!) Science were channeling GOD's
INSPIRATION.  The Sensoral Arts are an important adjunct for my
clients to rediscover fragments of their Souls.  I, myself, have
found some EXTREMELY EXPLICIT documents that have my soul's
indelible stamp on them dating as far back as 6th century (I
chose not to recognise the BC stuff albeit knowing my Soul *had*
travelled Lemurian 'roads'; and may have been part of other
ancient cultures...)

My Guide, upon reopening my Akashic Record collection, was quite
specific in advising me of the particular pastlives I *had* to
reconcile for my soul's progression (and cat-barf wasn't amongst
the directives, Jer' but I do recall a number of instances when
my channeling sessions were interrupted by the reminder of having
to change the cat-sand in my kitties' litter boxes; I also was
amid relationship problems at the time and one of my cats
developed a metaphoric illness --suffering kidney stones which my
Guide amusingly interpreted my plight as: "...being entrapped by
an old cat who can't give a piss.."

SYNCHRONICITY? Or merely metaphor?

I've been documenting what's been termed as Veridical
Hallucinations for almost a decade now towards the book I'm
writing.  Oddly enough, I thought the concept was unique to my
current Ego --until I was 'lead' to the library --to a voluminous
text written in 1888 (which BTW hadn't been opened since its
delivery from the printers --as tho' it'd been waiting for me...)
Upon reading it, I came to find out that I was REWRITING the book
I'd written "...back then..." since the author was my previous

Keith --again, you astound me with the dimension of your
intellect.  'Nuther A-plus for great thoughts on the buffet;
altho' some of the dishes put out have been predigested.
Pornography is in the eye of the beholder --notably, that which
is overtly explicit, demonstrating heinous acts inflicting pain
are among them.  Again, there are those (such as myself) who see
depictations of the Crucifix and find it to be a particularly
painful image --which could then be construed as pornographic.
Whereas Flagellists might see 'hope' in the same image,
anticipating Ascension's next chapter.

Speaking from an unfortunate experience's posit, I'd been working
at a publication as feature writer a while back.  For a few
weeks, female co-workers'd found porn magazines strategically
placed in the bathrooms and natch --the usual stooooopid
jokes/accusations flew as to who they belonged to.  The joke
ended on an evening in May when the Perpetrator who shared office
space with us RAPED and attempted to MURDER a co-worker who'd
been working overtime.  God spared the young woman physically,
but her emotional scars will remain with her forever.  I wasn't
working on the premises at the time; had a vision of the incident
despite fellow workers' silence about it.  I'd gone to the office
to pick up assignments --and could smell the deed's stench
permeating the hallways.  I still get chills thinking I might've
been able to spare her this grief; or that I could've been the
victim of this crime since I'd been on the premises a number of
times when the perpetrator was in the building.

Was it the man's dependence on pornography that made him commit
this act? OR Was it his karma that made him attack this genuinely
sweet person?

And Doreen, I *would* sincerely love to hear your views on
Kabbalism...  It's an area that I'm educationally deficiient...


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