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C'mon! Be a sport!

Jan 27, 1995 09:31 PM
by Keith Price

Thanks to Eldon for his comments and the decency of his style
even if he disagrees, a lesson for me to learn.  Perhaps if we
all played Mozart in the background (or you pick your favorite)
our posts would have a more muscical spiritual air, maybe not.
Maybe just more typos for me.  Thanks to Doreen! This believe it
or not is very important to me, we need to revalue the arts and
place them in the pantheon where they belong with science,
religion and philosophy! I wish I were an artist, but I can only
write about it (OK, and not very good at that either), but I have
something to say.  I want to cut to the chase, but it wouldn't be
interesting without all the talk.  So be a sport! Stick with me a
little longer.

Apropos of Super Bowl Sunday:

Thus Spirit is divine play, but on a very serious level, because
each action in the game has a reaction often called KARMA.  The
Vedic notion of Lila is ancient.  Art used to combined with
sport.  In fact they may have been one in the dim past.  They
were used together at time of religious festivas such as the
Olympics in Greece.  There is evidence the Mayans, the Chinese,
the Egyptians had similar festivals had similar festivals as well
as many other lesser know cultures did.  These grand games times
often cooincided with the events in the heavens such as the
solstices and equinoxes and seemed to form a dual way for make
contact with the divine.  This is where the real synthesis of
philosophy, science, religion, art and even sports occurs - in
the manifestation of divine unity to itself through man's
consciousness.  Man through art is telling himself who he is.

Sports and art are more clearly related than they appear today.
Sport has an element of uncertainty, openendedness, entropy (or
CHAOS as has been said in recent posts) We don't know who the
winner will be.  If we did, there would be now reason to play.
There is an element of dire consequences for the loser: injury,
loss of esteem, shame, or even death.  In contrast, wonderful
consequences await the winner: fame, money, power (look at OJ,
better yet, don't look at OJ!).  Einstein said "God does not play
dice with the universe? Their seems to be chance, chaos , entropy
even a tragic element BUILT IN to existence.  Heisenberg's famous
uncertainty principle used in subatomic physics points to the way
chance, CHAOS, entropy, uncertainty seem to creep into our
observations in the subatomic realm.  In fact the more your try
to determine the measurement (position vs.  velocity) the more
uncertainty creeps in.  Our observations effect the outcome of
the experiment.

God may not play dice exactly but It seems to allow consciousness
free will to observe change, to make choice and co-create the
reality it is observing.  (If this isn't magick, what is?)

Change itself is built-in to Spirit.  This is the moment the
creative intelligence manifests itself in form in time.  It is a
divine moment sometime call evolution on the form side and
conscious choice on the subjective side.  It is this chance,
mysterious sometime cruel, element that keeps things going.  And
art helps to make the struggle (without guarantee of success)
bearable.  Thus there is a stochastic quality to the whole
process a "hit or miss until you hit it" quality to evolution and
human choice and art.

God may not play dice, but She's playing some game, and He's a
real sport and in some way we are doomed to play it without cries
of "not fair, not fair".  This is where art can be used to heal
the necessary, but unfair wound of CHAOS, entropy, chance, "Evil"
or whatever you want to call it.

No power driven argument in philosophy, or vicarous atonement in
religion.  or "proof" in science has made my spirit soar like .


Keith Price

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