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TO Paul, Mark, Alan and all on porn vs. art

Jan 25, 1995 08:45 PM
by Keith Price

I would like to know first of all how you do this quoting line by
line thing.  Do you print out the messages and retype them line
by line or do you have two dialouge boxes or a photographic

I will reply in spirit if not in letter as I do not have a
photographc memory.

Mark and Allan should get together and talk! Mark says all art
should be on a higher vibration, but how many people are on this
"higher vibration".  Very few.  Do you think the masses would
choose Mozart or Madonna (or George Strait, for that matter)? The
proof is in the cash register.

Mark seems to suggest we all become purer, higher more noble.
Yes, Alan I think only a small minority or nucleus of mankind
choose to take a higher path.  Most of us mess around in the
middle gound, including myself).  And many, far too, man wallow
in the mud, if this sounds elitist (oh heinous crime!, so be it).

If this sounds politiclly incorrect, I say thank God.
Politically correct is another term for Orwellian NEWSPEAK.
Remember how the hero sit around at a TV screen all day revising
history.  Developing euphimisms for government atrocities.  And
giving new meaning to old words.  1984 is 1995.

When I saw that the number one fiction book on the NY Times
bestseller list is "Politically Correct Fairytales" my blood
pressure shot through the roof.  This is what is behind this
rewriting of the theosophical literature as well.  A desire to
rewite history to make ourselve comfortable today with absolutely
no regard to (whatever word I would use would be a hot button).
Dare I say reality in the sense of what the authors really said,
not what we want them to say today.

Yes there are references to Orientals as remenants of Lemurians
and Blacks as remenants of Atlanteans, but if they said it, they
said it and what they are liable to say in the "Secret Doctrine",
it tain't necessarily so!

To K.  Paul: Yes you are right on the point that at this time we
can no longer dare say it is good or bad based on moral
judgements.  That is politically incorrect, the way it is
impossible for a Black to be racist (I worked in a Black majoirty
school and it was Black History week every week and the constant
message was Black's are superior victims and white man "he
devil", you had to be there folks!)


Keith Price

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