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Re: Healing the TS

Jan 25, 1995 07:20 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

Responding to Paul Johnson's

> > [MS] I think the TS, in a sense, has been scarred at birth,
> > because of the intense opposition that forced it into defensive
> > modes in its early days, as well as the collective negativity I
> > described above.  A defensiveness that to this day darkens its
> > collective aura, and cramps its intellectual scope.
> A look at the 11/17 natal chart of the TS shows this to be
> indeed the case.

I wonder what the charts for the earlier two minuted meetings of
the TS- to-be would show? Maybe they would shed light on the TS'
character too.  Have you looked at this already, Paul? There's a
question here of just when the TS was "born".

> Collective healing [of the TS] is a laudable goal, and I'm eager to
> learn what others think are skillful means to attain it. But
> somehow I think that the murky stuff is a bit more integral to
> the energy field than just bits and pieces that we can shake
> off. I recommend (without a clue as to how to go about it) a
> Jungian approach, recognizing that there is an unacknowledged
> shadow side that needs to be integrated.

Yes, I feel that a Jungian approach would be a useful guide.
Some ideas for healing that come to mind are

1 Just be aware of the need, whenever one comes across it as an
individual, and consciously put constructive, horizon-broadening
love-related energy into it.

2 Make an effort to be more aware of how other related groups
work, and what their underlying attitudes are.  I meet a
considerable number of TS members who know very little of other
like-minded organisations.  We can learn a lot from others, and
we can gain a clearer idea of the real value of our own offering,
through the comparison.  The mechanics of exchange need some
care, (to avoid take-overs or lesser abuses) but there are enough
organisationally "safe" ways to pick up this knowledge.

3 Invocative healing methods, either by the individual or by a
group.  As most of us will be aware, there are a lot of
variations on this sort of process, so we can choose something
that suits our temperament, if that's a kind of work that
appeals.  For a group, you need some people fairly well in
sympathy with the work and in tune with each other, but it can be
done, as I have experienced.

4 Reasoned analysis and investigation, and spreading of results.
Knowledge of the past, dare I repeat it, in the right-sized
doses, can help a lot.  This corresponds to the healing that can
occur in a person when buried trauma is brought to the light of
day.  It has to be with discrimination, because injury and
turmoil are sometimes best left unstirred.

Of course, these things can be done for any social grouping, as
well as for individuals.  It just doesn't seem to occur to us to
do it for the TS.

Any other ideas?

Murray Stentiford

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