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Re: Old Books, and Healing the TS

Jan 24, 1995 04:22 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and
Systems Ltd"

> Which brings me to another point, an even more subjective
> personal opinion than the last.  I think the TS, in a sense, has
> been scarred at birth, because of the intense opposition that
> forced it into defensive modes in its early days, as well as the
> collective negativity I described above.  A defensiveness that to
> this day darkens its collective aura, and cramps its intellectual
> scope.  Look at the amount of space HPB devoted to

A look at the 11/17 natal chart of the TS shows this to be indeed
the case.  As mentioned earlier, Mars/Saturn in the 8th opposing
Uranus in the 2nd is all about authorities or institutions
(collective values generally) stifling or attacking individual
initiative and paradigm-shifting.  First the outside world
treated HPB this way.  Later, the negativity having been
imprinted onto the TS, this opposition manifested mostly
internally.  One example is the theories that were concocted to
avoid listening to Krishnamurti (e.g.  personality got in the
way, BOTS took over.) But all down the line, "no good deed goes
unpunished" with this configuration.

> So, we could give a thought or two to the collective healing of
> the TS, and be prepared to shake off any bits and pieces of murky
> stuff whenever we detect them hanging on to the collective energy
> field.

Hmm.  Collective healing is a laudable goal, and I'm eager to
learn what others think are skillful means to attain it.  But
somehow I think that the murky stuff is a bit more integral to
the energy field than just bits and pieces that we can shake off.
I recommend (without a clue as to how to go about it) a Jungian
approach, recognizing that there is an unacknowledged shadow side
that needs to be integrated.

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