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Xtian Psychism and Aramaic treasures

Jan 23, 1995 08:53 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

Responding to Alan Bain

I'm glad you clarified the thoughts originally expressed in your
post headed "RE: CWL again!".  There are a couple of things in it
I'd like to ask you about:-

> Believe me [or not] that Xtian Church writings throughought
> history have come up with "psychic" material and "results" which
> make the efforts of even novice theosophists look like experts!

Do you mean that the level of understanding and interpretation of
the material was poor? Or do you refer to exaggerated claims of
what would be very ordinary experiences? I imagine both would be
the case.

> Among the Syriac/Aramaic literature of the early centuries there
> is some truly _fantastic_ material - in the popular sense of the
> term! Makes CWL and others look quite turgid .  .  .

I'd love to hear more about it.  Can you give us a few references
or brief examples?

Murray Stentiford

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