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Re: Oh Garsh, Theodora! And golly shucks too!

Jan 23, 1995 01:11 PM
by bill

Hi all,

        Keith Price writes and asks:

> Have any of the married (or whatever) people on the board
> considered or had an abortion (I hope there is a way to send
> messages anonymously)? How did it effect you spiritually?

My wife has had two abortions -- one forced upon her by her
father before I knew her and one of her own decision with a boy-
friend before me.  My wife also miscarried once after we were

My wife isn't spiritually inclined at all -- much less theo-
sophically inclined (she calls it my "guru shit").  She has rare-
ly made mention of these events in her life and I haven't noticed
any difference in her emotionally or mentally in the before/after
times that I new her during the last two events.

Although the last two events occurred way before I ever had a
spiritual or theosophical thought, I haven't given much thought
to the "possibilities" of what would have happened if the last
two events had gone the "other" way.

On a related note, I have a friend who claims to have been in
communication with two of her unborn children shortly after con-
ception -- both of which, for unknown reasons, she wasn't able to
carry to term.  Describing the communication and the "deaths" is
a very emotional experience for this friend and brings her to
tears.  She, obviously, doesn't believe in abortion.  Since this
friend has had other spiritual experiences, I have asked her to
find some way to go "in" and ask for the information I seek about
when the spirit becomes attached to the physical.  She has yet to
do this for me probably because her belief- or knowing-system al-
ready has an answer for her.  She has not completely changed my
belief system yet.

Anyway, someone asked.  I thought I'd respond.  Always grok in
fullness ...

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