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Oh Garsh, Theodora! And golly shucks too!

Jan 19, 1995 02:46 PM
by Keith Price

Well now the shadow stuff is clearing, we are really getting to
the meeting of the higher selves.

I feel almost mushy!

As I admitted the abortion issue catches my attention because I
was almost aborted.  An abusive biological father made my
victimized (she was very sweet I am told) mother have an
abortion.  I heard she was devastated (this was the 50'S).  She
vowed secretly to have me, give me up for adoption and divorce
the SOB.  All of which happened.  This lady was sweet, but
nobody's fool.

Learning of being adopted is a real trip, but the other part
really blew my mind.  I understand you and your adopted daughter
have a relationship now.  What a blessing! A blessing I will
never know.

So I have a skewed perception on the issue.  It's all right to
talk about easy incarnate - easy disincarnate as some have so
glibly implied.  Or that I won't accept that the monad is in the
foetus until science proves it.  Well, we are all waiting on that
answer and also the answer to how many monads can sit on the head
of a pin.  But I'm not holding my breath.  Has this person ever
heard the names Decartes, Kant, Bacon, Hume or any of the other
developers of the scientific method? Obviously not.  Science has
seperated the soul, mind, and spirit form the measureable such as
the body, star radiation, and subatomic realms.  (and that was
what HPB was trying to bring back together as the synthesis of
science, religion and philosophy) Maybe the supercollider will
reveal the monad in one on the sub-quarks, but that's on hold for
now.  Again, I not holding my breath.

As far as the persoanl trauma goes, I must defer to women who as
you point out are in the trenches and the ones being scarred,
while the men seem to be all up in their heads (don't think about
that one too long) :).

Yes my introduction of the subject was largely to stir up
controversy and bring theosophists out of the moldy rehashing of
things like the CWL debate and onto the fact that either we are a
viable relevant institution or just a quaint remnant of a bygone

I personally will give the abortion issue a rest.  I hope women
will speak out.  I still would like to hear from Brenda and Eldon
if there was anything spiritual going on during Brenda's

Have any of the married (or whatever) people on the board
considered or had an abortion (I hope there is a way to send
messages anonymously)? How did it effect you spiritually?

As for me, I am celibate and will never be faced directly with
the issue.  So yes, Theodora, women are the one's who largely get
stuck with the whole thing and only they can know their situation
and what really needs to be done.  I am pro-spirit always, but
legally I support the pro-choice position.

I kind of miss it when we were fighting :)


I am Keith Price

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