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Jan 20, 1995 02:22 PM
by Doreen Domb

What John said was: "if you start a line with the four characters
"from, " you will have it trucated from that point on.  was that
the problem?" [YES APPARENTLY} "just replace from whatever is something starting with a different character...  like
">f" >from whatever is said ....that should clear it up."

I was unaware of this "nerve" in the system - why it's in there I
can't begin to understand.  Someday, one of you will explain it
to me, right....And Paul Johnson, I thought you were kidding with
your CAVEAT - although you said starting a paragraph with "from"
would be problematic.  The "from" comes within a particular
paragraph, it doesn't begin it.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH, JOHN MEAD!

O.K.,'s the rest of it (You may burn your previous
re-sends with my blessings):

Trying to be as attributeless-sounding (?) as possible, perhaps
we can think of the emanation of life (not creation to me, as I
believe there is no such thing.  Everything has always existed in
potential.) in the following way: when it was time for activity
to begin again (manvantara), a natural expansion of this Divine
essence proceeded from within outwardly.  What emanates from this
light (which is darkness to us) is a spiritual substance.  En
Soph's [see, I'm automatically giving En Soph possession; thus,
an attribute, which is incorrect.  My only excuse is that I am
human - most of the time.] own eternal essence (Sephira) is sent
forth to begin manifestation.

I am certain this may well read like a bunch of esoteric babble.
I am under some major time constraints at the moment, but I was
compelled to respond to you.  Let me say one more thing and that
is that I have embarked upon a personal project of my own, which
is interpreting the first several chapters of Genesis within a
Kabalistic/Theosophical framework.  It has made so much sense and
cleared up a lot of mystery for me.  When something in Genesis
(particularly in the creation of the world & Adam) clicks for me,
it's just an incredible revelation! Having a background in Hebrew
doesn't hurt either.

Anyway, I gotta go, but hopefully, this will start a dialogue of
some sort going on Theos-l.  Frankly - and with no offense
intended towards anyone - I have OD'd on the vast amount of
arguing, bickering, and personal punches taken at others on this
mailing list.  That is the main reason why you have't heard much
from me (aside from being overworked during the weekdays - my
problem).  I don't get why this stuff is happening so much (a
theosophical side-effect perhaps; I hope not!), but I have little
control over others (and wouldn't want to anyway).  I suppose it
needs to be endured, ignored or whatever might work for me.  I am
far from as patient as I need to be.  It would be nice to just
get on with it, personal hang-ups aside.

I'll await any responses regarding Kabalah.  Thanks for
listening...  - Doreen Domb

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