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Jan 19, 1995 09:58 AM
by Nira2U

>>> think I was working out a lot of unresolved anger that had
nothing to do with abortion and that is perhaps why my style was
so "neurotic".  It is also why Theodora and I found each other.
We are so alike (I know this is killing her!) Tripping over our
own anger and doing a shadow seduction dance like demon lovers.
(She's livid by now)

So whut're ya saying Keith --that you can see me wafting --thru
the Waves rushing into your CyberArms...

With this poignant imagerie, I lay down the torch and hope we can
now move back into the *real* reason I joined this enclave --to
discuss SOUL responsibilities.  Notsomuch in telling people how
to live their lives, since I ascribe to free-will --but in
contributing to the enahncement of it and teaching others to
smile with genuine love & regard at their neighbors in life.

For the fact that there are only EIGHT women on this list --it
seemed *odd* that I was the only one emboldened to take up the
mantle of speaking for Progression.

To give you a few more insights to the life-vehicle experience: I
very quickly learned that being "pregnant" out of wedlock carries
intense Karma --to say little of the emotional burden being
categorized as a 'whore'.  Nine months of hell paying for a few
hours' passion (yeah --chew on that one for a while kiddo...)

The legal system made us jump thru hoops; many were subjected to
medieval brainwashing (via a Catholic adoption agency in LA who
in effect told the women after they went thru birthing's *pains*:
"You had no baby --go on with your life..." They were given
saddle block anesthetics --some were PARALIZED for the ineptitude
of the 'physicians' administering this...

There was no consistency in pre-natal care --which is why I
snapped into action.  I made the conscientious effort to take
control of our destinies --since we were all young girls who
rallied around each other --because a 44 year old woman who
shared residency with us COMMITTED SUICIDE BY JUMPING OUT OF A
FOUR FLOOR WINDOW because she couldn't take the strain of
society's intolerance.

The abortion issue is not boob-job darlin'...  It's a life issue
that has reverberations in the physical sense that scars people
for years; as well as leaving its stamp on one's soul.

I am BLESSED that God allowed me to rally my strengths.  I've had
several Near Death Experiences which perpetually bring me back to
square one belief: that my Creator has a purpose planned for me.

I began Channeling in 1987 --and my Guide put me to arduous
tasking, reconciling four lifetimes simultaneously where upon I
was part of what is laughing called "New Age" awareness...

My "anger" is not couched in this lifetime --perhaps --because
Helena & I were at diametrically opposing parts of the buffet
back then.  I was a man in that lifetime --adjudged as
"effeminate" for my devotion to things artistic & spiritual.  I
guess my Creator decided it was best to give me Metaphoric Gonads
this lifetime --and a sense of HUMOUR...

Altho' her philosophical reasoning was well-placed, her
methodology was akin to dog & pony theatrics.  Read the history
of the time and you'll understand that the level of tolerance for
this Spirituality was greatly, greatly, greatly unheralded.  She
loathed Annie Besant's freer spirited sense; perhaps HPB's
anti-abortion attitude was couched in the fact that she couldn't
have children and desperately wanted to have her soul-thread
woven into life's tapestry...

Have any of you gotten into your pastlives as yet? It goes with
the territory, Friends in Spirit, to acknowledge where you've
been before you can find the right road to continue your

Interesting that you called me NIKA, Keith --it's a reverb to a
point of power pastlife that I hold dear...  It meant that the
enemy had been overthrown...

I accept your vow of reconciliation (and am cancelling my
subscription to Ginsu Knives Journal...) BTW --*stop* using so
many darkworld references.  This is allowing polluting energies
to permeate your Aura...  We are what we attract after all --and
you're doing your SELF a major disservice by aknowledging
negative forces...

In the spirit of Antaskarana (the bridge between
SupraConsciousness & Physical Self) I offer

NAMASTE backatcha...

"Empress of the CyberPire"


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