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Jan 19, 1995 09:06 AM
by Doreen Domb

[Apparently, only part of my message was sent yesterday.  I don't
know why, but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am
resending it.  Forgive any perceived redundancy....]

Alan, I am a student of Kabalah, an inconsistent one due to time
constraints, procrastination, etc.  But I have found that the
kabalistic sources I've looked into have cleared up a number of
things for me.  I'm grateful for the very rich kabbalistic
(Chaldean) foundation regarding Theosophy a la HPB.  The SECRET
DOCTRINE in particular is brimming with much information and
references to kabalah (spelled in various ways, incidentally).
The Secret Doctrine Reference Series (Wizards Books) is one
excellent source of kabalistic - as well as other - materials,
and I have a handful of those in my possession.

To me, the whole idea of En Soph (or Ain Soph) and the Sephiroth
(Kabalistic Tree or Tree of Life) is embodied within the First
Fundamental Proposition of Omnipresent, Infinite,
Eternal, Boundless & Immutable Principle on which all speculation
is impossible, and which antecedes all manifested, conditioned
being.  The Causeless Cause, Rootless Root of all that was, is,
or ever shall be.  It is devoid of all attributes.  Yet the
second we try to define it, we bring it down to a finite level
because we are human.  It is very difficult to express it
accurately because our language is so inappropriate and limiting.
If I sound frustrated, I am.

Trying to be as attributeless-sounding (?) as possible, perhaps we can
think of the emanation of life (not creation as to me, as I believe
there is no such thing.  Everything has always existed in potential.)
in the following way: when it was time for activity to begin again
(manvantara), a natural expansion of this Divine essence proceeded from
within outwardly.

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