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An updated correction!

Jan 19, 1995 07:46 AM

I should more carefully proofread my messages before I send them!
To err is to be human!

In my answer to Historical Research Puzzle #1 and in my
correction of typos addendum, I can't get the facts straight
concerning Mrs...., Mrs.  S.  and Mrs.  Bates!

In ODL, Vol.  III, Olcott quotes HPB as writing: "Sinnett has
left, after stopping with me for three weeks, and Mrs....remains
for ten day more...."

Who is Mrs....? In the Chronological Survey in HPB's Collected
Writings, it is assumed that Mrs....  is Mrs.  Patience Sinnett.
But a careful look at the dating of this HPB letter shows that
HPB wrote this letter from Ostende probably in early Aug.  1886.
According to EARLY DAYS AND Sinnett's AUTO- BIOGRAPHY, A.P.
Sinnett came to visit HPB at Ostende in the early part of July,
1886.  Mrs.  Patience Sinnett did not come on this trip.  Mrs....
is Mrs.  Bates who is mentioned in an unpublished HPB letter as
being at Ostende at the end of July, 1886.

"Nuff Said!


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