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Jan 19, 1995 02:33 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Jerry Schueler,

JS> 1.  CWL.  I have heard Jerry H-E's insinuations and innuendos
about CWL every since I came to theos-l, and still don't know
what the heck CWL is supposed to have done.  Apparently it is too
nasty to describe.

If you go back to my messages of last summer and earlier, you
will find that I indeed described CWL's actions in graphic
detail, resulting in the loud and clear objections from several
people on this net who felt personally affronted by my discussing
it.  When you find those messages, you will also find your own
arguments separating CWL's morality from his spirituality.  I
believe you also had at least one posting arguing that CWL's
sexual activities was a legitimate form of magic, and appeared to
be in favor of it.  I asked you at the time whether you would
trust your own children to CWL, assuming that what I said about
him was accurate.  You never replied to that question.  Perhaps
you did not read carefully what I had originally written, and
would have replied differently if you did.

I don't see any reason for me to repeat this material on CWL in
such detail so soon.  There is no sense in repeatedly exposing
information to people who don't want to know about it.  I'm sure
that John Mead would be glad to help you find the archive files
in question.  You might also read Tillett's book, which documents
much more material then I ever posted on theos-l.  Otherwise, you
can wait for the FAQ file that I promised to write.

JS> 4.  Ethics.  We all agree that this is important, but we seem
to disagree with how to go about it.  Heck, we even disagree on
its definition.  Eldon put it right when he said that life is
various shades of grey.  I still maintain that ethical
development constitutes but the first step along the Path, and if
we are to get further down the road, so to speak, we must advance
to the next step, which is compassion (which, if sincere, will
allow our ethics to take care of itself).

In the light of those long arguments you posted to me last year
as to why the "discussion of ethics is a waste of time," I am
gratified to read that you now find it "important." It shows that
perhaps we can come to agreement on some items.  Since you now
state that "ethical development constitutes but the first step
along the path" (which I agree), and since CWL claimed to be an
"Adept," what do you think of the ethics of his making the boys
keep his activities with them secret from their parents? Mrs.
Dennis (one of the boy's mother) thought that it was "immoral"
for CWL to do so.  What might you think if you were in her place?

By the way, earlier you posted that you thought that James Long
had made the right decision to eliminate the ES.  I just want to
say that I not only agree with you, but feel that it was probably
the wisest decision made by any theosophical leader in this

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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