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Re: Abortion and other relate...

Jan 12, 1995 02:05 PM
by LieselFD

Dear Daniel,

I'd like to give you what may be partial answers to some of the
questions you raise, but it's what I know.

2.) Questions of personal morality - I don't know whether our
founders took a stand on this issue, but I've found Theosophists,
as a group to be very monogamous.

3.) I wonder whether there was birth control in HPB's time.  We
are of different religions, and I would think that various
Theosophists use the kind of birthcontrol, or non, that their
religion (or conscience) prefers, and/or doesn't ban.

4.) I think this again depends upon what their religion
prescribes, as far as kids follow their religion.  If you'll
pardon my bringing up the subject, the practice I think would be
a good solution for not having that many teenage pregnancies,
abortions, & less premarital sex, is telling them about
masturbation.  It's considered a sin in some religions, & I
wouldn't talk about it to a kid, if it's against his/her
religion, but maybe it would help with some of the others.

5.) I think we differ as to what role sex plays in the lives of
inidviduals.  I've heard different opinions.

6.) I would think that, since we're trying to teach self
discipline in all ways, self-discipline would also cover the area
of sex.

Hope that's helpful,


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