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Re: Thoughts on abortion

Jan 11, 1995 11:23 PM
by Marek Kotas

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     Hello everybody,

     I feel that we still do not underline the real problem
     regarding abortion, the basics.  When it comes into
     considering abortion one has already gone behind the thin
     line that separates heaven and hell.  (not in religious
     manner saying ;-)

     I mean being responsible for your actions, thinking what in
     future they will bring i.e.  won't it hurt somebody.  If you
     really love your wife/partner you cannot simultaniously make
     love and risk forcing her to make an abortion in future.  Or
     you are extremely selfish, and project this selfishness into
     her, you teach her to be selfish as well.

     I totally disagree with the opinion that performing an
     abortion could help the monad find a better place for
     incarnation.  Unless the person making such decision has the
     ability to forsee the alternative incarnation (I believe
     this is not so common) and make a consious decision, this is
     only an intellectual speculation.

     Let's look at the problem from a more positive side: what is
     the ideal model of sexual behaviour and bringing babies.  (I
     think one should not separate this, mayby being aware that
     you can have a child coming every moment works better than
     jelly :-).

     I believe that the abortion is more a problem of man than
     women becouse only they can stop it.  If a women feels so
     uncomfortable she decides to perform an abortion the Karma
     hits more the father becouse he is the reason of her
     decision.  He should provide her all means to bear the child
     and they should bring it up togather.  If it happened to be
     raped I think the society should help to bring up the child,
     and there are families ready to make adoptions as well.  I
     cannot justify abortion performed for economical reasons.
     If you cannot afford having a baby, isn't it time to say you
     cannot afford to feel the deepest, gratest extasy of sex -
     being aware you are just providing the body for someone to
     incarn? And try other sexual "techniques" that won't bring
     troubles in future - just in case you are selfish and want
     only to have some fun for yourself.

     And few words about what do really feel women who performed
     abortion.  I happened to read results of statistical,
     anonymously performed resarch on this subject.  Most women
     (almost all) are not able to cope with the pain for their
     _whole_ life.  They may reject it, may say different in
     front of TV camera, but deep inside they never, _never_ stop
     crying for their lost child.  I think one should remember it
     when talking about discussed subject.

     Have a nice day,

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