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Abortion and other related issues

Jan 11, 1995 09:31 AM

I have been reading the postings on abortion and would like to
offer the following thoughts and questions:

As everyone probably knows, abortion is a very controversial
subject at least in the USA.  People seem to be polarized into 2
camps of pro-choice and pro-life.  But I believe the issue of
abortion is just the tip of an iceberg.  That underlying the
emotional issue of abortion are many other, even more emotional
and very personal issues.  Issues of morality, persoanl
responsibility, sex, etc.

In asking the following questions, I would like to ask how HPB
and her Masters viewed these issues and questions and then how
all of this is viewed by other writers on Theosophy and the

(1) Underlying the issue of abortion are many other issues such
as the value of a human life, when does a fetus become a human
being?, is an abortion "murder" or just a "choice"?

Other underlying issues and questions involved are:

(2) How does abortion relate to questions of personality
morality, to the question of the place of sex in the life of an
individual, to the issue of sexual promiscuity?

(3) What about birth control? More birth control, less abortions?
What is the Theosophical view on the use of birth control?

(4) Some might say: if people (especially teenagers) were less
promiscuous and "controlled" their sexual behavior or abstained
from sex altogether we would not have as many unwanted
pregnancies and therefore less abortions.

(5) What does Theosophy say about "sexuality", the role of sex in
the live of an individual? What is the role of morality and
personal ethics in these questins of sex?

(6) What role could "self-discipline" play in averting some of
the results of a person's desire for immediate sexual
gratification? Some of teh results of such gratification are:
unwanted pregnancies, abortions, sexual transmitted diseases
including AIDS, broken hearts, broken marriages, unwanted
children, one parent families, etc.

(7) What does HPB and the Masters say on many of these questions
and issues? What does Theosophy say? Do the Theosophists have
some sound advice to give to the world on these issues?

(8) Other related issues involve masturbation, homosexuality,
"selfishness", "ego-driven" behavior, the "immediate personal
gratification" emaphasis rampant in our modern day society, etc.

My comments and questions are poorly worded but I believe
everyone will see what I'm driving at.  I hope these questions
will generate some good Theosophical discussions and lead each of
us to ponder more deeply these issues of life and what light the
Theosophical philosophy can throw on these issues.

Daniel Caldwell

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